What kind of artwork do you prefer?

The following are some short tips for you reference, you can also consult with our sales,
we will give you our professional advises for your books. Usually our sales will reply you
in 1-2hours on working days. 

1: We prefer artwork in PDF format.

2: The pictures is in at least 300DPI.

3: In CMYK colors, not RGB. As RGB will change the to CMYK auto by us.
If CMYK we will guarantee print same color as original artwork. 

4: If black text, is better to design 100% black, not compose of CMYK colors.
As 100% black is cheaper than CMYK black. 

5: Full bleed each side abt 0.12inchs.(3mm)

6:Convert all text to outlines. 


After get your artwork our designer department will check your artwork carefully to make
sure it can print it beautifully. When your artwork is finished pls donot hesitate to send us
by wetransfer or dropbox. If some small problems our professional book designers will fix
it for you to make sure we can print them nicely.